AltoConvertPDFtoJPG: About Us

We’re a team that works hard to provide our users with the most accessible, easy-to-work-with and secure online solution available.

Our aim is to develop a service that will successfully transform files (such as PPT presentations into PDF documents) - while maintaining the high quality of the included content. We’ve been working with digital documentation in the U.S for some time, and are aware of how difficult it is to find an exceptionally good online document conversion service that provides users with all the necessary tools at a reasonable price.

At AltoConvertPDFtoJPG, we strongly believe that paperless documents are the future. That is why everyone should have easy access to an affordable, yet trustworthy service.

We also wanted to develop a platform that wouldn’t require any specialized computer knowledge or skills. Therefore, the platform is designed with a simple interface, enhanced by detailed step-by-step instructions. Moreover, this online platform is easily accessible from any internet-connected device.

We strongly believe that your files, as well as your personal details, belong strictly to you - and only you. The safety and security of our users’ information is of paramount importance. Empowered with the latest security measures and data encryption methods, our solution is one of the most secure platforms available.

We will never require access to your personal information or email address - so you never have to worry about receiving spam from our service.

Our goal is simple - to provide everyone with an online solution that does exactly what you need it to do. We’ve eliminated unnecessary steps and processes, and are always concentrating on accelerating the conversion process. The result — a service that creates excellent quality files ( for example, JPGs from your PDFs).

Since our users are the reason for all of our success, we are always fully open to any questions or suggestions that you might have. Feel free to share them with us - so we can keeping improving our product and give you an excellent user experience. Above all else, a pleased user is the best reward we can ask for!